KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Officers from all over the metro hope the Kansas City Police Department will help them close stolen property cases.

Detectives announced Friday that they’d busted a huge theft case linked to storage units in Jackson County, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas.

Earlier this month, Public Storage management called police to report suspicious behavior from a renter. The caller told police that the renter was cutting off locks and replacing them with his own locks to cover up the crime.

Originally, detectives said they’d found about $100,000 worth of stolen property. Since then, Kansas City police said they located another $250,000 worth of property stolen from area storage units.

It includes some interesting items.

The police department shared pictures of some of the other property they recovered online.

If you believe your property was stolen, file a police report in the jurisdiction where the crime happened. Then email your case number and a list of your stolen property to metropropertycrimes@kcpd.org.

Police have a suspect in custody, but charges have not yet been filed in the case.