Kansas City police say 3 homicides in 1 day result of unrelated issues, officers stretched thin


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police provided an update on three homicide cases stemming from unrelated incidents on the same day, saying officers are stretched thin as they work to address the issues facing Kansas City residents.

Three people died on Feb. 28 across the city, at least one as the result of gun violence and one from a cutting incident. It was one of the most violent days in the city so far this year.

Capt. David Jackson with the Kansas City Police Department said each homicide was the result of a different circumstance. He said one was related to drugs, one was related to mental health and one was related to domestic violence.

The number of homicides as of yesterday briefly tied that of 2020 during the same time. Last year’s number of killings broke a record. At least 174 homicides have been accounted for during that year.

There have now been 23 homicides so far in 2021.

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Capt. Jackson said police are struggling to keep up with the complex issues in the city that lead to conflict and violence.

“We have kind of become the clearing house for all of these things that we’re willing to do, it’s just difficult for us to do all of them well,” Jackson said. “I think being proactive is becoming more and more difficult. We’re being stretched thinner and thinner… it’s a matter of math.”

None of the victims’ names were yet released as police work to contact all next of kin.

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