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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police helped set up a GoFundMe account for a local mother who donated to an officer who was shot in the head earlier this month. 

KCPD said the injured officer is recovering well.

Shetera Sims said she’s no stranger to hard times. With just $7 in her pocket, she recently tried a scratch off and won $100.

Sims said her daughter, Rakiya, came up with the idea of how to spend it.

“I said, ‘We should donate it to the police officer that got shot for his family,’” Rakiya said.

“It was her idea, and I went along with it,” Sims said. “She’s a special child.”

That officer was left in critical condition after the shooting incident that left a suspect dead at East 31st & Van Brunt on July 2.

Sims and her daughter felt for the officer — and police in general — for personal reasons.

Sims’ daughter, Karyia, was murdered in 2012. Sims said police solved the case and were supportive the whole way.

“That was the worst day of my life. I can’t even talk about it,” Sims said.

The donation page organized by police had raised more than $9,500 as of Monday night. Sims said she’ll use the money to catch up on bills.

“[I want the officer to know] that we’re here for him if he needs us,” Sims said. “There’s more people in the community here for him than you can imagine.”