Kansas City protester dressed like Spider-Man says moment with mayor tarnished after arrest


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A lot of powerful images are coming out of the recent protests in Kansas City. 

One of them came Monday night when a young man dressed as Spider-Man made an impassioned plea to Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, asking him to join them and march. 

But now that protester is furious at what happened to him moments later.

Domonique Lockett is among the hundreds of protesters raising his voice during five straight days of demonstrations near the Country Club Plaza. He said he was motivated to participate for his children.

“I want them to be able to grow up without becoming another George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or anything like that,” Lockett said.

He protested beside a group that was able to get the ear of Lucas Monday night. Lockett was even able to convince the mayor to march the streets together. He said the show of support was incredibly empowering.

“I just let my passion flow when I saw him. I thought, ‘If you’re willing to be down here, and if you’re willing to march with us, willing to kneel and pray with us, then this is a mayor I could get behind,'” he said.

But minutes after the march, Lockett said things took an unexpected turn. 

He told FOX4 police raided a medical tent that he and friends set up and he was standing near.

“I can admit, some people got a little too passionate and were on the streets a little bit, but I had the situation under control,” Lockett said.

But within seconds, Lockett found himself pinned to the ground and arrested.

“I’m sitting in the back of the paddy wagon, and there is the mayor walking past a van, waved at me, one of his people waved at me, and they just got in the car and left,” Locket said.

KCPD confirms Lockett was cited for “failure to obey a lawful order,” but officers offered no other details.

Lockett is frustrated. He said what could’ve been a shining example of unity with protesters, policy and the mayor coming together is now tarnished.

“Words are pretty, but actions tend to speak louder,” Lockett said.

Lockett also said he’s just glad KCPD is now changing its approach to protesters, giving more space and stopping use of tear gas. He hopes Lucas will stand up for those he stood beside to help make a difference moving forward.

Lucas has not responded directly to Lockett or FOX4 about the arrest. 

Lockett’s friends helped bail him out of jail. Many other protesters have since been let out on signature bonds.



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