Kansas City public schools halt plans for partnering with Academie Lafayette

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Talks about Academie Lafayette partnering with Kansas City public schools have officially come to a halt Tuesday.

The school’s board announced Tuesday afternoon that those plans have been suspended indefinitely.

There were too many issues that a resolution could not be made. Also, the future of Southwest Early College Campus has yet to be decided.

Problems ranged from lack of funding to a racial and economic separation. Before the announcement was made, local pastors came together to denounce the partnership.

The halt was a huge setback for some parents at Academie Lafayette.

“Because the school is about global inclusion,” said Heather Cochran, a parent whose child goes to Academie Lafayette.

The decision would’ve given the charter school control of Southwest Early College Campus and eventually enroll both charter and district students, who had tested in.

In a statement released Tuesday evening, Mayor Sly James said:

I am saddened that negotiations between Academie Lafayette and Kansas City Public Schools have been suspended.

This was an attempt to add quality schools seats so that our children would have more access to top quality educational options.

The proposed collaboration is an innovative effort by a school district and a charter school to find a way to work together for the benefit of our children.

I hope that all the adults involved in the process will be able to renew this attempt to do all that is possible to ensure a quality education for every child.




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