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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Public Schools is beginning the process of leaving its headquarters downtown because the school district just entered into an agreement to move into a new building.

For decades, school leaders have worked out of an 11-story building at 12th and McGee – right next to Sprint Center.

But on Monday, the district signed a contract with Nazarene Publishing House to buy its building at 29th and Troost. When the Nazarene print operation closed last fall and put its building on the market, the school district jumped at the chance to buy it.

The new headquarters will house administration, maintenance, operations, security and engineering. It’s also more centrally located so it’ll be easier for parents to reach administrators.

And, it’s 70-percent smaller than the district’s current facilities and more energy-efficient.

So the move will save the district a lot of money over the coming years, money it plans to put back into student programs.

When will the district leave downtown?

Administrators haven’t said. First, they must get public feedback before the move can become finalized.

The school district has scheduled a public meeting here at the Central Offices on December 16th – three weeks from Wednesday.