Kansas City rental home used as weekend party house has neighbors fed up

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Homeowners in east Kansas City say they’re fed up with the traffic, loud music and disruptions one rental home is bringing to their neighborhood.

Neighbors said they first started having problems last year around August, and things haven’t slowed down.

“You can hear it four blocks away,” nearby homeowner Lonnie Jackson said. “We think it’s a business. Every weekend there’s something going on.”

Jackson said they started renting out the location late last year. He said he and other neighbors have reported the cars, crowds, stadium lights and music to police.

“[The cars will] come from the stop-sign at the corner, all the way down, and the backyard is full, and the front yard is full,” Jackson said. “Why the police department has not done a thing to stop it, I don’t know.”

Online, the home is listed as a private rental called “The B Estate.” You can find it on Facebook.

It’s advertised as a private home with a pool, cabanas, a secluded closed-in backyard with parking and the capacity to hold up to 200 guests.

For $1,600, you can rent the home overnight, security included.

“We are trying to make sure this stays a residential community. A lot of us are old,” Jackson said. 

KCPD has responded several times to the property, twice in the month of June, according to their records. Both times were for loud music complaints.

Besides the disruption, Jackson and other neighbors are worried one of these parties will get out of hand. 

He said he has not only contacted police, but also the Kansas City Health Department and attended multiple city council events.

He hopes someone will step in soon.

“I’ve done everything we can do, at least I know of,” Jackson said. “I want law enforcement to step up. They want people to be supportive of law enforcement. They need to step up.”

The home is owned by City Living KC, who is based out of Harrisonville, Missouri. The company has been active since September 2019.

FOX4 spoke to the property manager who said they have not gotten any complaints from neighbors.

They said all parties are kept at a decent level and end by 9 p.m. They also said loud music and DJs are not allowed outside.

The property manager said the home is used for small parties and groups like graduations, and they credited another homeowner for complaints about obtrusive lighting.


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