KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s controversy in the Ivanhoe neighborhood after residents said they want answers from its neighborhood association board of directors.

Neighbors said the board is making some decisions without their feedback among other things.

“That to me is disheartened when I see a young man, I didn’t know his circumstances, but he needed help,” Resident Felicia Lockett said.

FOX4 and some residents in the Ivanhoe neighborhood watched a man show up for help at the neighborhood center, but the doors were locked.

“We have the capability to help him,” Lockett said.

It’s a fear neighbors said they’ve had since the building closed at the end of September.

“There were opportunities for folks to come in this building and access resources and connect with folks that could help them through day to day life,” Resident Alana Young said.

Young said it’s one of many signs that show the neighborhood is moving in the wrong direction.

Young said since the current Executive Director Dr. Karen Boyd took over, the center closed, money has gone missing, and the board is pushing for the neighborhood to merge with a local nonprofit, Community Builders of Kansas City (CBKC).

“Residents overwhelmingly voted, I would say unanimously voted to table a vote on a merger until we found out details on the said merger,” Young said. “What happens to this building? What happens to this land?”

On Monday night, Young said discussions on this merger continued without the community.

It’s why dozens of residents protested outside of the neighborhood center, after learning a vote was on the agenda.

“The door was locked and when the board members left the facility, they refused to speak at that point as well,” Young said.

Residents told FOX4 they heard the vote was paused, but are still clueless about what’s next.

“I think they’re being dis-genuine to the people that live here,” resident John Boland said. “They’re here to serve the people not themselves.”

FOX4 called Boyd, but she hung up. We also called the board president and are still waiting for a response.