Kansas City residents want leaders to do more to stop gun violence


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A rash of shootings in Kansas City, Missouri within the last 24 hours has people on edge.

Many of them hoping the city can find a way to put a stop to the gun violence.

“Every next time reminds you of a time before,” Cassandra Wainwright, president of the Concerned Clergy Coalition said.

Wainwright said she knows this feeling all too well.

She said every time someone is killed in Kansas City, Missouri, it reminds her of losing her brother to gun violence.

Tuesday afternoon that memory haunted her again when three people were shot to death in Kansas City, Missouri, including 15-year-old Terrell Bell.

Across the state line in Kansas City, Kansas, 15-year-old Kaden Bauswell was shot and killed near Hazel Grove Elementary.

“We’ve got to do something because it’s not even summer time yet and we can’t keep going like this,” Wainwright said.

Many of you at home might be saying the same thing as Wainwright, but where do we go from here?

“Tuesday was tragic, but it’s not the first Tuesday where we’ve had three shootings, three homicides,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said.

Lucas said the city needs to get to the root of what causes violence.

He said he’s going to Springfield, Missouri this week to see how they’ve worked to fix violence, drug abuse addiction and other things that lead to crime.

“Mental health investment, more crisis intervention team officers, all those sorts of things,” Lucas said.

Lucas also said his budget proposal for the police department will not take money from police but allows the city to increase the police budget.

“Community policing, violence support, all those sorts of things,” Lucas said. “Having officers that are working more with our neighborhoods to make sure these things change.”

People like Wainwright said they hope someone comes up with a plan sooner than later.

“Violence in our community needs to be a greater priority,” Wainwright said.

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