Kansas City restaurants applaud making cocktails-to-go permanent


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Helping bars and restaurants hurt by the pandemic is the goal behind a new law that makes cocktails-to-go permanent in the Show-Me State.

Some say it may take years for bars and restaurants to fully recover from the impact the virus has had on our economy. Many customers already have gotten used to the convenience of including an alcoholic drink to-go, so part of this is about making it more convenient for consumers.

The distilled spirits industry says cocktails-to-go are intended for home consumption, and as long as people are responsible about it, it should not cause public safety problems.

“It’s been great,” said David Lopez, president of the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association and general manager of Manny’s Mexican Restaurant. “Customers really appreciate it. They get done with work. They get an order on DoorDash, they get an order on Chow Now. They come by and pick it up or have it delivered. It’s a really great tool for us to reach our customers.”

The new law requires alcoholic beverages to be sold in sealed, tamper-proof containers with a food purchase.

A temporary measure allows these sales in Missouri until the end of August. The new law takes effect August 28, so customers should not notice any changes in the way they are currently able to get a to-go cocktail.

Missouri joins 15 other states, including Kansas, in making cocktails-to-go permanent for bars and restaurants.

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