Kansas City roadwork budget more than doubles with new repair plan


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — City leaders are pouring more money into the cracks of their crumbling infrastructure, hoping to fix major damage and prevent other issues from happening.

Kansas City Public Works, City Manager Brian Platt and Mayor Quinton Lucas have unveiled a plan to inject $39 million into potholes across the city. That figure is more than double last year’s $17 million.

Here is some of the work expected for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, according to the City’s statement:

  • Over 2,600 street segments will be improved this year. 
  • 240 lane miles planned for resurfacing, compared to 135 lane miles last year. 
  • 145 lane miles planned for micro-surfacing, compared to 19 lane miles last year. 
  • 150 lane miles planned for crack sealing compared to 130 lane miles last year.  

Micro-surfacing involves applying a thin layer of material over a roadway beginning to show signs of deterioration. It is used as a preventative measure and is less expensive than fully repaving a road.. Leaders are planning on increasing this technique by 87%.

Metro roadways have long been a topic of great concern for residents who have to navigate potholes on some of the city’s most used thoroughfares. In 2020, Mayor Lucas announced he wanted a “Pothole Czar,” a person dedicated to road projects.

After an intense freezing period in February, 2021, roadwork is in full throttle.

Kansas City’s Street Preservation 2021 plan includes a map detailing which roadways are to be worked on with which technique. Those interested can also see an interactive map with planned and completed projects on the Kansas City website.

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