Kansas City Royals All-Star History

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From a first-ballot Hall of Famer to a number of players whose names illicit responses like “who?”, a total of 44 players, coaches, managers and trainers have represented the Kansas City Royals at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

The very first Kansas City Royals All-Star selection was a light-hitting journeyman catcher named Ellie Rodriguez, who in 1969 was the expansion team’s lone representative on the American League squad. He did not get into the game, which was played at RFK Memorial Stadium in Washington, D.C.

The 1982 American League All-Star Team in Montreal had the most Royals representatives on it with seven, including coach Dick Howser and trainer Mickey Cobb.

A Royals player has twice garnered the most votes in the American League – George Brett in 1981 and Bo Jackson in 1989.

Hall of Famer George Brett has the most Royals All-Star selections with 13. Bo Jackson is the only Royals player to be named All-Star MVP, following the 1989 game.

Below is a list, broken down by year, of the Royals’ AL All-Star Team representatives:

  • 1969: Ellie Rodriguez (c)
  • 1970: Amos Otis (of)
  • 1971: Amos Otis (of), Cookie Rojas (2b)
  • 1972: Bob Lemon (coach), Amos Otis (of), Lou Pinella (of), Cookie Rojas (2b), Richie Scheinblum (of)
  • 1973: John Mayberry (1b), Amos Otis* (of), Cookie Rojas (2b)
  • 1974: Steve Busby (p), John Mayberry (1b), Cookie Rojas (2b), Jack McKeon (coach)
  • 1975: Steve Busby (p), Hal McRae (of)
  • 1976: George Brett* (3b), Hal McRae (of), Amos Otis (of), Fred Patek (ss), Jim Dudley (trainer)
  • 1977: George Brett* (3b)
  • 1978: George Brett* (3b), Fred Patek (ss), Darrell Porter (c), Frank White (2b), Whitey Herzog (coach)
  • 1979: George Brett* (3b), Frank White* (2b)
  • 1980: George Brett* (3b), Larry Gura (p), Darrell Porter (c)
  • 1981: George Brett* (3b), Frank White (2b), Jim Frey (manager)
  • 1982: George Brett* (3b), Hal McRae (of), Dan Quisenberry (p), Frank White (2b), Willie Wilson (of), Dick Howser (coach), Mickey Cobb (trainer)
  • 1983: George Brett* (3b), Dan Quisenberry (p), Willie Wilson (of)
  • 1984: George Brett* (3b), Dan Quisenberry (p)
  • 1985: George Brett* (3b), Dick Howser (coach)
  • 1986: George Brett* (3b), Frank White (2b), Dick Howser (manager)
  • 1987: George Brett (3b), Bret Saberhagen* (p), Kevin Seitzer (3b)
  • 1988: George Brett (1b), Mark Gubicza (p), Kurt Stillwell (ss)
  • 1989: Bo Jackson* (of), Mark Gubicza (p)
  • 1990: Bret Saberhagen (p), Mickey Cobb (trainer)
  • 1991: Danny Tartabull* (DH)
  • 1992: Jeff Montgomery (p), Hal McRae (coach)
  • 1993: Jeff Montgomery (p)
  • 1994: David Cone (p)
  • 1995: Kevin Appier (p)
  • 1996: Jeff Montgomery (p), Bob Boone (coach), Nick Swartz (trainer)
  • 1997: Jose Rosado (p)
  • 1998: Dean Palmer (3b)
  • 1999: Jose Rosado (p)
  • 2000: Jermaine Dye* (of), Mike Sweeney (1b)
  • 2001: Mike Sweeney (1b), Tony Muser (coach)
  • 2002: Mike Sweeney (1b)
  • 2003: Mike Sweeney (1b), Mike MacDougal (p)
  • 2004: Ken Harvey (1b), Tony Pena (coach)
  • 2005: Mike Sweeney (1b)
  • 2006: Mark Redman (p), Nick Swartz (trainer)
  • 2007: Gil Meche (p)
  • 2008: Joakin Soria (p)
  • 2009: Zack Greinke (p)
  • 2010: Joakim Soria (p)
  • 2011: Aaron Crow (p)

* denotes starter



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