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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been a long weekend for the Kansas City Police Department, as homicide detectives investigate three shootings that left four people dead.

“The numbers are disturbing and we can do better than this,” Capt. Leslie Foreman of the KCPD said.

Saturday, police were called to a car wash at the 8200 block of Blue Ridge where officers found a man shot to death.

Early Sunday morning, in similar fashion, officers responded to a crash at Sycamore Ave. and East 88th, finding a woman shot to death in her car.

Also around 5:45 this morning, police responded to East 59th Street and Jackson Ave., where two people were shot and killed.

These latest homicides bring the total to 86 this year.

“If you have information that’s obvious, share that. You know, maybe talk to people about violence, about dealing with anger disputes, ways to handle things, I don’t know. But I feel there’s more we can do,” Foreman said.

While homicide detectives are running on little sleep, so is community activist Rosilyn Temple, with KC Mothers in Charge.

She’s been out at each homicide scene this weekend, consoling the families of the victims.

“It has been overwhelming, especially for the family, but also for the police department, also for me. To see all the turmoil and the disruption in our community,” Temple said.

Damon Daniel with AD Hoc Group Against Crime is also tired of the violence.

“I say that there’s a lot of people who are hurting out here, that a lot of people who have anger that is misguided or unchecked, and the hurt that is manifesting in different ways. And so increasing access to mental health is important. But also helping people understand how to resolve conflicts is extremely important as well,” Daniel said.

Temple is urging anyone who knows something to speak up to police.

“So as a community, we have to give them what they need so they can help us. So we can live in a safer place. I want to lay down at night. I’m tired of hearing gun shots,” Temple said.