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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new program will help reunite found animals with their owners.

KC Pet Project has a new Reclaim Fee Forgiveness Program. Until further notice, all pet owners have the chance to reclaim lost pets from the shelter at no cost. The fees are waived as long as the animals are reclaimed within two days of arriving at the shelter.

An owner normally has to pay fees that are determined by a number of things, including how long the animal has been at the shelter.

Owners would continue to be required to buy a Kansas City, Missouri pet license and the pet’s rabies vaccination, unless proof of vaccination is provided.

KC Pet Project said the new approach is to build trust and allow people to reunite with their pets instead of being concerned about fines and how to pay them.

The organization said that most pets are reclaimed within the first 72 hours after arriving at the shelter. KC Pet Project said it’s handling a record number of stray pets right now. It hopes the new approach will provide extra incentive to get animals returned to owners quickly.