KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Parents in one Kansas City-area soccer league say they’re fed up.

Leaders with the La Liga Youth Soccer League said they’re tired of their athletic fields being vandalized repeatedly.

They keep finding their soccer fields inside the Hodge Park Athletic Fields riddled with tire tracks. Some are deep enough to put an adult’s foot inside.

“It stinks. It stinks bad!” Marcela Munoz lamented.

Munoz has managed La Liga Soccer for three years. She rents the fields from the Kansas City Department of Parks and Recreatiom. Almost 400 kids play soccer in her league.

Munoz said the vandalism is an ongoing problem, and sometimes, the ruts in those fields present concern for kids’ safety.

“If  you’re not playing on an even playing surface, there is so much that can go wrong — torn ACLs, ankles,” Munoz explained. “We can’t do much on our own because it isn’t our property.”

FOX4 cameras spotted two teenagers with a dirt bike on one of the fields Tuesday. Kansas City Parks and Rec had no comment for FOX4, but one Parks and Rec employee told La Liga’s leaders via email that bids have been taken on installing new security provisions at the park.

John Aust, whose two children also played in La Liga, is also a former Parks and Rec employee. Aust said vandalism at the park has been a problem for at least 20 years. Aust and Munoz said they’ve called the police numerous times.

“It’s always been a great space,” Aust said Tuesday. “There’s no reason that it shouldn’t be, especially after 20 years of ongoing issues. It’s definitely something that is correctable. It can be corrected.”

Police officers in the area told FOX4 they’re weary of tending to this issue. The officers said the trouble is happening late at night, and despite locks installed on the park’s gates, vandals keep cutting them off.

The Minty Goat, a Northland landscaping company, is offering to help La Liga by working on these soccer fields.

If you know who’s to blame for the ongoing damage, please contact the Kansas City Police Department’s Shoal Creek Division.