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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Local spas are rethinking how they will operate after the lockdown is lifted.

It’s a field that requires workers to be hands on, and in some cases requires very close contact for extended periods of time.

“We are practicing more social distancing when we were not wearing masks during all procedures before, although our estheticians do routinely wear masks,” Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness owner Dr. Amber Botrose said.

She said she was able to continue practicing throughout the stay-at-home order because she is licensed as a primary care physician. While she has been providing medical services, like hormone replacement, esthetic services were temporarily halted.

Now she is gearing up to go back full force, but some things will be a little different. All customers will be required to wear masks and the company will schedule extra time between patients to sanitize and limit the amount of people inside.

“I think as a boutique med spa, we are all in an interesting position,” Botrose said. “We can have one patient in the lobby, one patient in the room at once, so we are sanitizing the room before and after.”

These are practices many other locations are also adapting into their daily routines.

“We have written a new protocol just to make sure everybody feels safe, and we are allowing enough time so everything is very clean and sanitary and that we are not spreading any germs in between patients,” Rachel Hall, a registered nurse and esthetician at Bare Med Spa, said.

Upon entry at Bare Med Spa, staff will take a temperature check, use hand sanitizer and a don a mask. Both specialists say they goal is  to keep things as normal and clean as possible.

Spas and wellness centers will be eligible to open in Kansas City on May 6.

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