Kansas City stores turn red and gold, run up-tempo offense to keep up with demand before Super Bowl

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It came out during training camp and the Mahomes Magic Crunch is still flying off the shelves.

“Thousands of boxes,” Hy-Vee store director John Pederman said. “Its crazy. The Mahomes Magic Crunch cereal is one of our top sellers this year.”

The bakery here is setting some records of its own. Red and gold donuts, popcorn, cupcakes and basically anything with icing in the form of brown curly hair cover the display cases.

“Andy Reid has been a popular cookie here,” a store bakery worker said. “We have his little eyebrows and mustache ready to go.”

The tortilla wraps are chiefs colors, and even the cheese curds have turned.

“Kind of hard to keep up, I’m not going to lie,” another store employee said. “But it’s been exciting and the hype is big.”

Between Mahomes hair wigs, headbands, T-shirts, playing cards, license plates and more, customers are snapping them up in droves.

It’s all ahead of Super Bowl LIV, which will air on FOX4 at 5:30 CT on Feb. 2.

FOX4 decided to help out the store crews this morning. We also had a little bit of fun in the process. Watch the video in the embedded player above.



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