KANSAS CITY, Mo. — City leaders are making sure the KC Streetcar is ready for anything.

On Saturday, they performed a full-scale emergency drill, ensuring EMS is prepared if an emergency were to happen.

“This is what we do to keep our riders and our staff safe,” Ride KC Streetcar Communication Director Donna Mandelbaum said.

The KC Streetcar performs an emergency drill on Saturdays every three years.

“Life happens so we need to be prepared and we need to know what to do, who to talk to, how to respond,” Mandelbaum said.

This year’s scenario involved a distracted driver who crashed into the streetcar causing multiple injuries. KC Fire, KC Police, and other EMS were on the scene responding as they would if it was a real situation.

“They’re testing their responses and then we’re testing how we respond to the scene as well as with each other,” Mandelbaum said.

According to Ride KC Streetcar, nearly 100,000 people rode the streetcar in the month of January.