Kansas City teen lucky to be alive after he’s struck by van while riding his bike

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Robert Walker, 17, bears the scars of a life-changing incident after he was run over while he was riding is bike with his brother on 31st and Prospect.

“When I look at this bike, you would think the person on it would have died when you look at this bike.” Walker said, “I happened to look back and I see a van behind me. I ease out of the way, get closer to the curb, and as I get closer to the curb. By the time I turn back around and look, I’m already down on the ground. My ankle got run over.”

Joseph Browning, was riding on the other side of 31st Street and chased down the van as it kept driving away.

“I started banging on his window and he rolled down his window but kept laughing and keeps up rolling the window up and down,” Browning said.

Browning said the scariest moment was seeing his brother down, not knowing how badly he was hurt.

“It really hurt because my little brother is a good kid, a hard worker, it just really hurt,” he said.

Robert suffered injuries to his hands, legs, and tore several ligaments in his ankle but knows he is lucky to be alive.

“I really could have been trapped under the van while he kept going. I could have been dragged all the way down the street,” he said.

KCPD are still investigating the incident but have cited the driver for having a suspended license.

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