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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fountains across Kansas City will spring to life Friday as the city celebrates Fountain Day.

It’s the day each year when Kansas City and the City of Fountains Foundation gather to celebrate the dozens of fountains across the metro.

The foundation is celebrating its 50th year of raising money to help cover repairs and other expenses to operate 48 fountains in Kansas City, Missouri.

While most of those 48 fountains will run all spring and summer, there are a few that are too damaged to safely operate and will not flow again this year, according to KC Parks.

  • Fountains that are not operational:
    • American Legion fountain in Budd Park
    • Vision
    • 49/63
    • William Fitzsimons
    • Observation
    • 8th Street
    • Spalding Boylan
    • Westside

The parks department also says the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fountain and Hillside Fountain will not be turned on Friday. Those two fountains need repairs, and KC Parks is waiting for parts to arrive.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fountain and Hillside Fountain are expected to be turned on later this summer, according to the park’s department.