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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Ben Jackson remembers a day when he was a student at Kansas State University.

“Four different people asked to borrow my truck that day,” Jackson recalled.

Exhausted and determined to find a better way, a classmate said to Jackson: “Why don’t you start a business?”

Three years later, the 25-years-old is the founder of a hot, new truck-sharing app called Bungii.

“It’s kind of like Uber for pickup trucks to help move big stuff across town,” Jackson said.

Bungii now has 75 local pickup truck drivers who have passed the background check and are making deliveries all over the metro.

“You take a picture of what needs to be moved. We send that information to all of our online drivers in the area, and then usually get connected in about 10 seconds,” Jackson said. “And we can get a pickup truck anywhere in Kansas City in about 20 minutes.”

The service charges a dollar per minute and a dollar per mile. The average cost is $35. Jackson said it’s perfect for someone who just bought a piece of furniture, but it’s not suited for helping someone move all of their belongings.

Jackson and his team recently netted $3 million in local investments to expand Bungii nationwide. The company expanded to Atlanta last month and plans to operate in 12 cities by next year.

Jackson said the Kansas City metro served as the ideal place to launch his high-tech hauling business.

“It’s a fascinating trend,” Jackson said. “Airbnb owns no property. Uber owns no vehicles. Even Facebook creates no content. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and put us on that same level, but we’re excited to see what we can do in the next couple years.”