KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The city may soon have a new symbol greeting visitors and residents alike.

City council members on the Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Committee approved an new version of Kansas City’s flag.

It was designed by Jared Horman, Creative Director for Kansas City. A city spokesperson said Horman researched and worked on the design for months.

Horman incorporated elements of previous flags representing the city, adopted in 1992 and 1972, and included the same red and blue colors used in at least four previous designs.

Provided by Kansas City, Mo.

According to the city, the red represents the hearts of Kansas Citians, while the blue signifies the Missouri River and a possibility of prosperity. The two colors together on the flag show Kansas City welcomes all.

The city’s fountain logo is in the center of the new banner. It symbolizes Kansas City as both the heart of the Nation and the City of Fountains, according to the city.

The three colors of the flag, red, white, and blue, also show others that Kansas City is a model American city.

Proposed Kansas City flag | Provided by Kansas City, Mo.

You’ll also notice that there are no words on the flag. That was intentional, to simply the flag’s design, according to a city spokesperson.

The full council will vote on the flag Thursday.

If approved Thursday, it will be the official flag representing Kansas City for upcoming events like the NFL Draft in April and the World Cup in 2026.