KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police are investigating a homicide in Swope Park on Thursday.

The department said utility workers in the area of Hillcrest and Oldham Road discovered a male victim in a ditch around 10 a.m. Thursday.

Police said the death seems suspicious, and detectives are investigating and treating it as a homicide at this time.

“The male did not appear to be dressed for the weather. There were no items to indicate anyone was camping in the area. Just seems to be out of place and unnatural,” Capt. Corey Carlisle with the Kansas City Police Department said

Detectives and crime scene workers are looking for evidence and witnesses in the area. They also used a K9 to comb the area to determine they didn’t miss anything in the large area, according to Carlisle.

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as 18-year old Oscar Cabral.

Police do not have information about a suspect and ask anyone who saw anything in the area to call 816-474-TIPS.