Kansas City voters praise speedy Arrowhead polling experience

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many voters are choosing to cast their ballots at Arrowhead Stadium, which is a central polling place for Kansas Citians in Jackson County.

There hasn’t been a lot of waiting, as this central polling place has about 40 voting booths to get people in and out quickly.

“They should do this for every election,” one voter told FOX 4.

Some voters said they decided to travel to the stadium after finding long lines at their regular polling places. Others said two important issues are motivating them to vote: the economy and the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Quinton Lucas cast his ballot at Arrowhead. He told FOX4 he voted for Democrats, but he was quick to add that he wants as many as possible to express their desires by voting.

“A lot of people have voted early already,” Lucas said. “However, when you look at Missouri’s high turnout in Jackson County, St. Louis city, it’s going to be very important for auditor Galloway in the governor’s race. Over on the Kansas side, you certainly need to see good turnout from northeast Kansas and Wyandotte County. There’s a lot of excitement. I do hope all those folks turn out. That was the difference in 2016. Cities like Detroit and Milwaukee, you did not see the turnout in parts of those states. That’s how the President won.”

Poll workers may not be seeing as many people at Arrowhead because Jackson County is primarily a Democratic county, and many Democrats voted in advance or by mail. The long lines are in the northland and outlying areas where there are more Republicans. Republicans are reported to be more likely to vote on Election Day.

Regardless of how citizens vote, high turnout is expected across Kansas City based on the absentee ballot count.

The Kansas City election director says in 2008, about 65 percent of registered voters cast ballots.
We may get close to that again, with up to 5,000 expected to vote at Arrowhead Stadium.

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