KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you prefer outdoor dining in Kansas City, Missouri, you’re in luck. The city council voted Thursday to make outdoor dining options more permanent for restaurants.

The pandemic paved the way to seating outside, and help restaurants manage to stay afloat.

Two years ago, Double Shift Brewing Company created a hangout in their parking lot area. They were one of 81 businesses in Kansas City to get a temporary permit to expand their service outdoors.

“And so, we’ve been able to have a lot of fun with it and kind of like really expand,” Double Shift Brewing Co. Assistant Brewer Eon Butler said, “and help people feel more comfortable in the space that we’re in.”

Butler said the power move outside doubled their capacity.

“We were able to do twice the amount of business,” Butler said, “and really able to jump our number back up to… some sort of normal.”

She’s happy their larger footprint can stay.

Although, there are a few requirements that come along with this new permit process.

Eateries must pay an annual fee of $250 to apply and $600 for a license.

Restaurants will need to get permission from neighbors unless they’ve already had outdoor dining in place.

Customers have enjoyed the fresh air and don’t want it going anywhere.

“It’s been beautiful. people like to stretch out a little bit. people don’t need to be crammed up,” KCMO resident Virgil Tillman said. “I think they should continue to let people expand out. It’s about to get hot! We need to be out here you know.”

Some council members wanted to make sure outdoor dining doesn’t disturb the peace – being too loud.

They added protection for noise.

Butler said that hasn’t been a problem in their district.

“Thankfully, we’ve been able to really coast on that and survive,” Butler said. “Thankfully, the community here is so open and loving that it just really is about helping one another.”

The new permit fees will begin on May 15.