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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City woman may soon be without a home after she said her apartment is evicting her following her complaints of an unsafe unit.

Cloverleaf Apartments resident Raven Henderson said it all began in June when her bathroom’s ceiling caved in, injuring her son.

“I was more so hurt because I communicated with these individuals about my children and their safety,” she said.

She said management put her family into a hotel. Two days later, they were back in the apartment with a patch up of the ceiling.

After experiencing other problems, Henderson broke down and asked for another unit. In addition, she also wanted answers as to how the apartment would address her son’s injury.

She received an email that stated she would get her unit but soon after received news that she would be evicted from her apartment instead.

“I never received a letter on my door saying I was being evicted. I never received verbal anything,” she said.

She said she was retaliated against because she spoke out and demanded something be done.

Henderson’s eviction court date is set for October 7, and she said time is running out. She and her four children have nowhere to go.

“Who wants to take their children to the shelters, who wants to go and crowd other people’s space that people don’t have right now, it’s a pandemic,” Henderson said.

Gina Chiala with Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom said two ordinances protect tenants from retaliation, but that’s just a start.

“The law exists,” she said. “The question is how does that law get enforced.”

She said it’s not common for landlords to retaliate but when they do, tenants must be prepared.

“Once you have decided to complain, make sure you really document the conditions, good photos, good video of the conditions, and good evidence,” Chiala said.

Henderson said she’s got the photos, she has the evidence, but in just days, she could be homeless. But, she said won’t give up without a fight.

“Don’t think that I’m done, because I’m not ,” Henderson said. “I have my rights and I will have my rights taken care of.”