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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman in Kansas City’s historic Old Northeast says a man has been stalking her, and she doesn’t know what to do.

The man is a non-compliant sex offender who’s been squatting on her neighbor’s porch. She said police have told her it’s a grey area about what can be done. She reached out to FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt to try and solve the problem.

She said when she first moved in she thought he was a nice older man, but soon she realized he was anything but.

Missy Jones grew up in the Northeast. She moved back around three years ago, and decided to return to the neighborhood. Soon she stopped feeling at home and started feeling trapped.

“I thought, oh well this is just a nice old man who walks around the neighborhood and picks up trash, he’s doing something nice, he’s doing something good,” Jones said.

She learned the man is watching her.

“I would literally step out of my door and he would be right there,” Jones said.

He would talk to her about her comings and goings, friends she had over, and cars in her driveway.

“I started changing my schedule. I started going out my back door. I got to the point, and I’m to the point again where I have to look out before I step out my front door because I don’t’ know what I’m going to get,”

Eventually she got so concerned she looked him up, and found out something shocking.

“I found out he’s a pedophile. He’s currently non-compliant with his status,” Jones said.

She was right. The man was convicted of sexually assaulting two girls, twelve and fourteen-years-old, back in 2002. Even worse, Jones realized she knew him from when she was a girl. Jones was friends with his step-daughter.

“I used to spend the night as a teenager,” Jones said.

She doesn’t think he remembers her, but can’t be sure. She did not recognize him as his appearance has significantly changed and he goes by an alias.

The man was kicked out of the facility he was living at near her house, and started squatting on her neighbor’s porches. She says he has been keeping an eye on her, and police have tried to help.

KCPD said they do not arrest non-compliant sex offenders unless there is a warrant for their arrest.

“I feel they have done what they can but there’s only so much they can do up to a certain point,” Jones said.

She reached out to FOX4 for help, and we asked the man why he continues to stay in the neighborhood when he doesn’t live there. He told FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt he doesn’t believe people feel that way.

She asked him why he allowed his sex-offender status to become non-compliant and he said he’d lost his wallet and didn’t know when he was supposed to check in. However, Missouri Highway Patrol documents show for more than a decade he’s checked in to take new mugshots and understood the system until he became non-compliant.

When FOX4 arrived to speak with him, he had a large gash on his head and was bleeding. Honeycutt called 911 and had police officers speak with him about what he claims was an assault, but couldn’t describe who hit him or how he was hurt.

Police spoke with Jones who came out of her home, and they told her she had enough reason to file an ex-parte. They spoke with her about what she’s been experiencing and gave her information on how to help resolve the issue.

“Now that I feel like it is an option I will definitely be looking into that avenue,” said Jones.

Police say if the man comes back to the neighborhood Jones should call them, and he will be arrested.

“I feel a huge sense of relief,” Jones said.

KCPD and the Missouri State Highway Patrol say compliance for sex-offenders is handled by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

FOX4 reached out to both the department and Sheriff Darryl Forte to see if they could help, but did not hear back.