Kansas City Zoo welcomes 4-year-old endangered leopard named Zeke

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Tuesday, the Kansas City Zoo welcomed a new furry friend to its West Africa exhibit.

His name is Zeke, and he’s a critically endangered Amur Leopard native to the cold, temperate rainforest in the far east region of Russia. But the leopard comes to Kansas City via the Niabi Zoo in Illinois.

Zeke is four years old, weighs 110 pounds and will play a crucial role in the species’ conservation plan.

Courtesy of the Kansas City Zoo

He will be joining the Zoo’s other Amur Leopard, 17-year-old female named Natalia, in the West Africa section. They’ll each have time in the exhibit alone and will rotate daily since leopards are used to being alone in the wild.

Less than 100 of these amazing felines remain in the wild because they’ve been hunted for their fur, as well as being displaced due to logging and human encroachment, to near extinction.

But numbers appear to be increasing due to the fact that conservation efforts have started to show positive results.

Visit Zeke and the other 1,700 animals at the Kansas City Zoo!

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