KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Zoo announces new plans to breathe new life into the metro attraction. In addition to the work that is already underway.

Crews are currently working to renovate the sealion exhibit and redo the path to and from Australia and Asia. It’s the final pathway on the topside of the zoo that hasn’t been improved.

Then it’s on to the lion exhibit.

Next year crews will work to widen the area behind the lions’ area. The plan is to make the path ADA compliant while improving some of the exhibits.

“We’re always trying to look for ways that we can make the experience better for not only the animals but the guests that come here, and for employees,” Sean Putney, Kansas City Zoo, said.

There is also a little bit of road construction the zoo hopes to complete.

The new, $77 million, aquarium will open at the Kansas City Zoo this fall.

The 60,000-square-foot building will hold 600,000 gallons of water on the main path of the zoo, right before visitors arrive at the elephants.

The zoo says every tank in the new aquarium will need a different salt level for the marine life inside the tank to survive. Water pumps in the basement of the building will handle the water quality.

The zoo plans to begin moving fish into the tanks in March.