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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Zoo is welcoming some pretty adorable chicks!

For the first time ever, the KC Zoo is now home to eight macaroni penguins. They came to KC as eggs from Sea World in San Diego and recently hatched in incubators. The eight chicks averaged just 92 grams when they were born.

Macaroni penguins, native to the Subantartic, are considered vulnerable to extinction.

They’re named for their bright yellow feathers above their eyes. Back in the 1900s, a men who put feathers in his cap was called a macaroni, and explorers decided the name was perfect for this breed of penguins, too.

Now zookeepers will hand-raise these fluffy penguins behind the scenes for a while. They have to be fed six times a day, and their meal of choice is a “smoothie” made up of herring, krill and vitamins, according to the KC Zoo.

In a few weeks, they’ll make their public debut at the zoo!