KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Coterie Theatre begins reviewing its policies and procedures following allegations of abuse by its former producing artistic director.

The theatre’s board released a public statement Wednesday that addresses the allegations, asking anyone with claims of misconduct against Coterie staff or cast members to email the Theatre at coterieinvestigation@gmail.com.

It comes amid an independent investigation into claims that former producing artistic director, Jeff Church, abused staff and/or cast members.

Our staff, artists, and board members are on a journey to ensure that our actions continue to be an expression of our shared values. We are grateful to live in a committed community of people who believe not only in the power of the arts, but who also believe in the power of supporting and caring for each other.

Coterie Theatre Board Statement

The statement goes on to say the board, and theater community, is trying to deal with the realization of what may have happened.

For those brave souls who publicly spoke their truth: we see you. We hear you. We support you as you work to heal from unimaginable pain. We hope you are uplifted by the love and support of the arts community that surrounds you.

Coterie Theatre Board Statement

As the people impacted process emotions, The Coterie says the cast of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” decided to continue the remaining shows scheduled for this week.

The board has not said what will happen after the performance closes.

As The Coterie investigates what may have happened at the theatre, Kansas City Police detectives are investigating what happened Christmas weekend. Officers responded to Church’s home Saturday and found his body.

Church died the same day The Coterie announced he’d resigned from the Theatre after more than 30 years due to allegations made against him.