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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Folly Theater is showing off its new $4.3 million renovation, but needs some help completing the project.

Crews updated the popular theater and removed outdated items like pay phones around the building. That includes the building’s second floor.

“This was kind of a pass-through space, it wasn’t very functional, people just went up the stairs and into their seats in the balcony. Now it’s a reception space where people can gather, have a nice drink, enjoy the artwork we have here. We didn’t have to do anything structurally to the space, the bones were here, but we were able to fill it with a wonderful full-service bar, some wonderful artwork,” Brian Williams, Folly Theater, said.

The theater now hopes to memorialize its past to create an interactive digital timeline of the Folly’s history in Kansas City.

“So you can look at what was happening in 1920 at the Folly Theater and how did that relate to prohibition and the 1920s and each decade, there will be ways to interact with the timeline to tell the story of the Folly,” Williams said.

The Folly received a $2,500 grant from the Missouri Humanities Council to pay for the digital project.

While the Folly already has a lot of its own pictures and videos, it would also like to use some of yours. You can send the files to the theater at

The Folly Theater hopes to have the digital timeline completed in the next six months.