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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This weekend, the city begins hosting a streaming music series called the “Jazzy Jamdemic.”

The event is designed to help lift the spirits of those who have been isolated during the virus crisis.

You can fill your home with some of the best music the city has to offer.

The last two months have been a troubled time, and many know people have been feeling anxious.

There may not be a better cure for that anxiety than hearing and seeing some soothing, live Kansas City jazz.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Sunday some of the best jazz musicians in Kansas City will perform six days a week from the Gem Theater, and concerts will be live streamed over Facebook for the world to enjoy.

U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver helped hatch the idea of the Jazzy Jamdemic to showcase sounds that make Kansas City famous and put some struggling performers to work.

“When the new week is beginning, people can get their families, sit around and watch some of the best music on planet earth,” Cleaver said.

“And it’s the Jazzy Jamdemic! Coming right here in Kansas City, Missouri. We think we have some of the best musicians on the planet, and others think so as well.”

For the next six weeks, the free, live performances will be streamed over the internet for one hour a day, six days a week.

Performers want people to clap, dance and sing along at home.

The concerts cost $75,000 and are being paid for by the Jazz District Renaissance Corporation, Missouri’s Division of Tourism and other private sponsors.

To watch and listen to the homegrown talent nearly every day, go to: or