KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An historic Kansas City mansion is intriguing house hunters from coast to coast.

The Van Noy Mansion is known as one of the most unique homes in Kansas City. It is also on the market for $775,000. Real estate experts who’ve been inside the Van Noy say it’s worth every penny.

Railroad tycoon Charles Van Noy had the mansion built in 1909 as a country estate. The nearly 115-year-old estate sits on 2.5 acres of land near Swope Park.

The current owner lived in the house for 8 years while working to restore it to its former glory.

The Van Noy Mansion is nearly 6,000 square feet. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a parlor, library, and a carriage house. That only scratches the surface of what the unique property has to offer.

“This was absolutely the hardest house I’ve ever had to price. I actually had an idea in my head based on some research and the market and I had 17 of my fellow realtors come in and we did what’s called an agent price opinion and we also worked together for about two hours and we landed on a price that no one has complained about. Everyone seems to think is very fair,” Erika Kauffman, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, said.

The mansion is listed on the National Historic Registry.

There are no open houses scheduled for the Van Noy Mansion. Interested buyers will need to make an appointment to see the house.