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LENEXA, Kan. — About 100 people turned out Thursday to watch an unusual way to raise money for the cause of cancer prevention.

Witnesses watched as Datamax, 8030 Flint, held the ‘Datamax Inaugural Copier Drop’.

Why drop a copier from a 100 ft crane? Below it Datamax’s explanation:

Datamax Sales Team always hears complaints about new customer’s old copiers. These new customers often ask to take a baseball bat to their old copiers or push them off their loading dock. These new customers complain about their old machines jamming constantly and they often have funny names for their old copiers. The most common name is Bob Marley…CAUSE IT’S ALWAYS JAMMIN’. Well Datamax KC has listened and we are giving one lucky company the chance to drop their old copier from a 100ft crane and giving them a new Canon Copier, valued at $10,000, to replace it.

Entrants submitted their copier for consideration as “Kansas City’s Worst Copier.” Funds raised from the submissions go to The Sean D Biggs Memorial Foundation, BIGGSteps, which raises awareness of the causes and prevention of cancer; assists those affected by cancer; and supports cancer research.

Datamax awarded the winning company a new Canon copier as their old copier is dropped from the 100ft crane! In an additional way to raise cancer funds, Datamax is allowing participants to bring additional items to be dropped from the 100ft crane for monetary donations that will directly benefit BIGGSteps! Other items scheduled to be dropped include a small safe, watermelon and big bag of feathers.