Kansas Department of Labor website back up, but with more problems and frustrations


TOPEKA, Kan. — The Kansas Department of Labor’s website is now back up and running, but the re-launch has not been without problems. 

“Server error” and “unexpected error” were unwelcome words to many trying to log into KDOL’s new website Tuesday. 
“We are out here with no hope. We tried to, they revamped the Kansas benefits online, they redid it and supposedly we’re supposed to be able to log in and resume today. That did not happen,” said Don Leipard of Bonner Springs. 
Don Leipard typed in his user name and password to file a new weekly claim. The coach bus driver has been out of work since March. Benefits came consistently until he needed an extension. 
“It’s merry-go-round. You can’t talk to anybody. The lines are full. Everything is full capacity and it kicks you out and tells you try back later,” Leipard said. 
Damon Walker live-streamed his hundreds of attempts to call the state Tuesday. 
He was in the lucky bunch to get through the KDOL’s new two-step authentication website, but none of his information popped up and he couldn’t file a new claim.  

“I’m honestly not surprised at this point, which is sad,” said Damon. 
The state says its new system is working as intended.  KDOL reported as of midday Tuesday, the total of total fraudulent claims stopped hit 240,000. 

According to KDOL, about 9500 of the 11,000 people trying to log-in were successful, and150 people got errors.  Another 1300 failed their identity proofing and need to try again or call for help. 

But as many who’ve been applying know, that can be easier said than done. 
“It’s lots of excuses. No one will ever actually give you a direct answer to your questions. They’ll just say be patient, wait, keep filing claims,” Damon said. 

Some people filing tell FOX4 they have had luck getting into the website by creating a brand new user name and password.  KDOL has some video tutorials and a new how-to guide with tips on the new verification system. 



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