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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Kansas education officials released the state assessment report Thursday and the results show a rising number of Kansas students struggling in the classroom.

This is the second year Kansas students have taken this kind of state assessment, and comparing year to year, it shows both hopeful and concerning results.

The average reading score went down a tad from 2015 while math scores went up slightly.

Education officials are calling these results essentially flat, and believe the reason for this is the type of test the kids took changed.

Back in 2015, the state assessment was more of a fixed test while this year it was adaptive. That means the questions asked depended on whether your child got them right or wrong.

The results shows a rising number of kids reaching the highest level in both math and reading – but these same results also showed a growing number of kids falling into the lowest levels.

Education officials admit they still have a lot of work to do, getting the kids to better understand the common core curriculum so they can do better next year.
They also added that teachers are not teaching the kids to simply succeed on the test, which might account for some of the low scores, and they are hopeful these test scores will only rise as the students get used to taking them every year.