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TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas officials have launched an interactive mapping tool that allows residents to find COVID-19 vaccination sites near them.

Governor Laura Kelly announced the launch on Feb. 3. In a statement, she said Kansans in vaccine phase 1 and 2 should use the tool to help set up inoculation appointments.

Each point on the map will tell residents which sites have received vaccinations and which ones have not. It also provides contact information on each site.

“The national shortage continues to be the biggest obstacle to delivering vaccines, and that means, many of our enrolled providers do not yet have sufficient vaccines to offer to the general public,” Kelly said in the statement. “But we know it’s better to be ahead of the curve and have this platform ready to go before supply has caught up, so that every Kansan is familiar with the tool and so we can be prepared as more providers are activated.”

Specifically, the tool is designed to:

  1. Look up nearby COVID-19 vaccine locations
  2. Identify which locations have recently received vaccine doses
  3. Access contact information for each location to confirm eligibility and availability

See the interactive map on the Find My Vaccine website.

Vaccines are being delivered to all 105 Kansas counties on a weekly basis, according to the statement, but not all providers may be listed on the map at this time.

FOX4 will continue to track coronavirus vaccination efforts in the Kansas City metro and beyond. Some municipalities have created surveys to help the rollout process, while others are still making decisions internally as shots remain sparse.

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