Kansas Governor announces plan to ‘eliminate’ food sales tax


TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, announced a “bold new plan” to save Kansas families money on their grocery bill.

The Governor said she will be drafting legislation to submit for next session to “Axe the Food Tax” and eliminate the tax on food in Kansas.

“At 6.5%, We are the second-highest rate in the country,” Kelly said. “In the coming weeks, I’m going to have legislation drafted to eliminate the state sales tax on food…We are going to axe the food sales tax.”

Kelly said the estimated cost for the plan is about $450 million a year.

The plan is strictly focused on the state food sales tax. Kelly said she believes in local control, leaving it up to districts to determine what to do about the local food sales tax.

“We’re really excited that this is a topic right now and I hope it passes swiftly and without much challenge because it’s really something that could help all Kansans,” Valerie Taylor, The Merc Co+op Marketing manager said.

“It would be wonderful and great we need something like that especially at a time like this. And it would save me lushes of money,” customer Rosilyn Green said.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt issued a letter to legislative leaders Friday in support of eliminating the food sales tax. Kelly rejected speculation that this was an attempt to get in front of the issue and said this has been a plan that she has been trying

“This is not something new. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time,” Kelly said. “Now we have the funds to do this and to sustain this tax cut over the years”

With her plan, Kelly said a Kansas family of four could save “over $500” on their grocery bill.

If passed, Kelly said families could start seeing changes on their grocery bill by July 1, 2022.

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