Kansas health officials to continue releasing COVID-19 cluster data


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Health officials have decided to continue releasing COVID-19 cluster data one week after taking it down.

When officials initially released this data two weeks ago, some complained.

But, health officials want you to know where the hot spots are – so you can avoid going there, and keep you and your family safe. 

The state is only releasing the locations of clusters if they reach certain criteria. For instance, a business must have at least 20 cases of COVID-19 to be listed.

The others stay anonymous, so customers don’t find out and avoid visiting them.

The biggest change the state made to this cluster reporting, though, involves time.

They will now only list clusters that have popped up in the past 14 days instead of 28 days.

Many complained and argued the cluster disappeared well within 28 days and yet, they were still listed on the website, so they made the change.

The list is updated every Wednesday, and there are currently three Overland Park long term care facilities listed: Garden Terrace has 12 cases; the OP Center for Rehab and Healthcare has 9; and Delmar Gardens is dealing with 7 cases.

The other business, Kids TLC in Olathe, has 11 confirmed cases

The website also lists places like restaurants, schools, colleges, churches and jails dealing with clusters of COVID.



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