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OLATHE, KS. – The Friday morning shooting at Olathe East High School is sparking calls for stricter gun laws in Kansas.

“This doesn’t happen in other industrialized nations. This doesn’t happen in other civilized nations. There is an issue here that we need to address,” said Kansas Senator Cindy Holscher, from Overland Park.

Holscher said she will never be the same. Her son is a freshman at Olathe East. When she was alerted about the shooting, she rushed to the school.

“There’s no feeling to compare it to. When you get that message there is an active shooter at the school where you have a kiddo, your stomach just drops. “It is the most horrific, uneasy feeling to have as a parent,” Holscher said.

As parents and students process the emotional and draining, Holscher is already planning action.

She’s already well known by her peers for her strong stance on gun rights, responsibility and safety.

She says today, only re-energizes and solidifies her efforts.

“My phone has been ringing off the hook today, parents are telling me they don’t want to wait for this to happen again. They don’t want to wait to have something even more serious happen than what happened today,” Holscher said. “This is not normal, and we shouldn’t think of it as being normal.”

She plans to challenge other legislators to look at the situation differently. She encourages people to reach out to local lawmakers and the need to hear from the community.

Holscher and other parents are also praising the school resource officer who apprehended the student suspect and happy the situation was not worse.