Kansas lawmaker’s bill would publicly fund long-term birth control

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MISSION HILLS, Kan. -- If one Kansas lawmaker has her way, certain types of long-term contraceptives would be free to women in Kansas.

Mission Hills Republican Representative Barbara Bollier says her bill could help prevent pregnancy among high-risk women, such as teens and the poor. Some users of Intrauterine Devices (IUD) support the public funding.

“I was lucky. My insurance covered it, my student insurance, so that was really nice, but for the women that don`t have insurance, this bill would be really helpful for them,” said IUD user Etta Garcia.

"I think that anybody who wants an IUD and they feel like that`s the birth control method for them, I think it should be available. I think funding should be made available so anyone who wants it can get it,” said D’Lita Parker, a nurse practitioner with Planned Parenthood.

For women without insurance, IUDs can cost up to $800 to insert, which is still cheaper than paying for birth control pills through the years.

The measure faces an uphill test in the conservative Kansas Legislature. Critics say the state should not be funding birth control.



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