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OSKALOOSA, Kan. — A Kansas man who spent more than 15 years behind bars accused of murdering a teenage girl is now free, and prosecutors say it appears his brother was the one responsible.

Floyd Bledsoe always said he was innocent, and at one point, his brother Tom actually confessed to the murder. Still, it was Floyd who was convicted, and only saw freedom for the first time on Tuesday after DNA evidence was uncovered, and that brother confessed again from beyond the grave.

Fourteen-year-old Zetta Camille Arfmann, better known as ‘Millie,’ disappeared on her way home from school in Oskaloosa outside Topeka in November of 1999.

Tom Bledsoe was named a suspect and told detectives where to find the body on his parents’ property. But he told jurors that Floyd took his gun and murdered the girl, and ultimately Floyd was convicted.

The University of Kansas’ Innocence Project got involved and DNA was uncovered linking Tom Bledsoe to the crime. Tom Bledsoe then killed himself in Bonner Springs. On Tuesday, the Jefferson County attorney asked a judge to throw out the conviction.

“I’m just glad this day’s here,” said Floyd, who was asked what he wanted to do first.

“Get out of a courtroom,” he replied.

Jefferson County Attorney Jason Belveal was still in law school at the time of Floyd’s conviction, and said he won`t pursue any further charges against him. Belveal said he tried to reach out to the original prosecutor in the case, who is now retired, but he didn`t return his calls.

FOX 4’s Dave D’Marko also spoke to that teenage girl`s father and asked him about the fact it now appears his daughter`s real killer will never serve time behind bars, but he said he had no comment and the family didn`t want to deal with the tragedy all over again.