TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas Lottery officials say the winner of a $1 million Powerball prize has claimed the winnings Tuesday.

Cory Thone with the Kansas Lottery told KSNT the person who purchased a lucky Powerball ticket hails from Johnson County. The ticket was sold at a QuickTrip located near 135th Street and Antioch Road in Overland Park.

The winning numbers were 47, 54, 57, 60, 65 and red Powerball 19.

While the Johnson County resident claimed a prize valued at $1 million, this won’t be the amount he or she receives in cash. Thone said winners of the $1 million prize will receive their money in one payment, as the annuity option is only used for jackpot winners.

Those who win more than $5,000 through the Kansas Lottery are subject to having 5% of the cash withheld due to state taxes. This is on top of the federally mandated 24%. This means taxes will take $290,000 of the money, leaving the winner with $710,000.

A separate Kansas Lottery winner in the south-central region of the state also purchased a $1 million ticket in September. This ticket has yet to be claimed.

The Powerball Jackpot currently sits at more than $1.73 billion. The last Powerball Jackpot reached more than $1 billion in the summer of 2023. The winner of the prize, which ultimately reached an estimated $1.602 billion, recently stepped forward to claim the money in Florida.

Earlier this year, several Kansans won big prizes through the lottery. A Kansan from Johnson County who drew a winning $92 million jackpot ticket in 2022 claimed the winnings in January, 2023.

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