LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — The Leavenworth County Attorney charged 19-year-old Ismael Caleb Salinas-Richardson with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a Leavenworth High School Student.

Leavenworth police responded to a call near North 6th Street and Shawnee Street on February 6.

Witnesses told officers a group of teenagers were playing basketball when a fight started. Salinas-Richardson is accused of injuring 18-year-old Eric Miller. Police say Miller later died of his injuries.

“The loss of a life of anyone is a sad situation,” Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson said Thursday. “Especially one who’s as young and has a future.”

Salinas-Richardson left the area before police arrived.

Grandview police arrested Salinas-Richardson early Thursday morning.

“One of the things about a manslaughter is it’s the unintentional killing,” Thompson said.

The Leavenworth Football Booster Club said Miller attended Leavenworth High School and played football for the Pioneers.

“Shock,” High School Football Coach Sean Sachen said when asked what was going through his mind after he heard Miller had passed. “I was kind of somewhere in between angry and sad. This was something that didn’t need to happen.”

Miller was #22 on the Pioneers. Sachen says he was a big part of the football program over the last four years.

“I stayed up till early morning Wednesday basically telling Eric stories to my wife because… Eric… he was a character. He was fun.”

Sachen says Miller represented the five core pillars of his football team.

“We talk about integrity and empathy and respect and selflessness and self-discipline,” he continued. “Eric tried to do those. He tried to implement those into his daily life.”

The deadly fight remains under investigation. City Police Chief Pat Kitchens says no gun was used in Monday’s fight.

The deadly fight remains under investigation.