TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has signed off on a bill that would eliminate much of the costs around concealed carry license issuance fees.

House Substitute for Senate Bill 116 arrived at the governor’s desk on April 20. She approved of the legislation, which will take away a barrier to safety training for concealed carry for Kansas residents, KSNT reports.

The bill eliminates $100 from the total concealed carry license issuance fee, which is currently set at $132.50. 

A $16 fee paid to the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) for the issuance and renewal of the concealed carry license card is also removed alongside a $25 fee paid to renew the license and a $15 late fee for failure to renew the license.

The bill passed the Senate at a vote of 27-10 and the House at 86-37 earlier this year.

The fiscal note attached to an earlier version of the bill states that the KDOR issues an average of 21,139 CCLs per year. Removing the license fees under the bill would result in a loss of $1.2 million in state revenues for FY 2024.