OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Kansas road crews expect to break ground on a major project to create express toll lanes on U.S. 69 Highway later this fall. 

The 69 Express project will create the first single lane toll road in Kansas. The project would widen the roadway to add an extra lane of traffic in each direction of U.S. Highway 69 between 103rd and 151st streets.

Once complete the new, far-left lane would become an express toll lane. The original right two lanes would remain open for drivers to use, free of charge.

The Kansas Department of Transportation is working to review design-build proposals for the 69 Express project. Once a final proposal has been selected, a groundbreaking ceremony will be set in mid-September.

To support the 69 Express project, the city of Overland Park will also reconstruct the 167th Street interchange.

That project will add ramps from northbound 69 Highway to 167th Street and from 167th Street to southbound 69 Highway. It would also expand 167th Street from two lanes to four lanes between Antioch Road and Metcalf Avenue. 

The toll lane project will also include the construction of 11 noise walls along U.S. 69 Highway between 119th and 151st streets.

Construction on the toll lane project is expected to begin later this year. State officials estimate it will take approximately three years to complete the project.