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TOPEKA, Kan. — The Kansas Attorney General’s Office says it’s nearly complete with its initial review of the proposed regulations surrounding sports betting in the state.

“Our initial review has identified significant legal issues with the agency’s proposed regulations,” Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s spokesman John Milburn said in a statement to FOX4 Thursday.

“Within days, we will be providing our formal feedback to Lottery and giving them the opportunity to correct the legal deficiencies. We intend to approve these regulations as soon as the agency fixes the legal problems in their initial version. Our initial review of the proposed regulations from KRGC has begun and is also being expedited.”

The Kansas Lottery isn’t commenting on the AG’s comments right now.

Regardless, sports betting is supposed to start Sept. 1. A soft launch is supposed to happen at that time, but sports betting officially begins Sept. 8, the same day as the first regular season NFL game.

“Hollywood Casino at Kansas Raceway is owned by Penn [Entertainment], which also owns Barstool Sportsbook,” lead writer for Chris Boan told FOX4 Thursday.

Hollywood Casino is one of the state’s four gaming partners, but they’re not the only ones who may want to cash in.

“Whether Sporting Kansas City, which is the only professional sports team as of now in the state of Kansas, can do it, we don’t know,” Boan continued. “That wasn’t mentioned in the announcement today either, but you got to imagine they’re going to be in on it as well.”

Sporting KC isn’t commenting on the issue right now.

But besides people being at an actual casino, you can also bet through apps.

“Basically, you just have to bet in the state,” Boan said. “So if you’re in Kansas City Missouri, you just have to drive a couple of miles over to Kansas, and you can place a wager on mobile, or you can go to your closest casino in Kansas and bet there at a retail facility.”

Hollywood Casino is the closest casino to Kansas City, Missouri. Sports betting became competitive between both the Missouri and Kansas state legislatures this past session. Kansas leaders got their bill passed, but as of right now, sports betting is still illegal if you’re in Missouri.

“Missouri had its shot,” Boan said. “They had House Bill 2502. I followed that one as well this spring, which looked like it was going to pass concurrently with Senate Bill 84 in Kansas, and then for a full mess of reasons that never happened, but yeah it’s going to be a massive hit in the wallet for casinos in Missouri you’d have to think.”  

Casino gaming is still a much bigger driver of revenue than sports betting is.

“There’s a lot more customers for casino play,” Boan said, “But a sizable portion you’d have to think are now going to go to casinos in Kansas because they can do the casino, and they can also do sports betting.”

September 1st is just two days before most college football teams have their first games too.