HARVEY COUNTY, Kan. — Sometimes it’s the little things in a battle with COVID-19 that can make all the difference. For Jeff Van Horn, it is faith and friends.

One week ago Harvey County Deputy Jeff Van Horn was in a McPherson hospital struggling for his next breath. This week he’s home.

“There’s definitely some scary moments,” Van Horn said. “I had a ton of people, family and friends, praying for me and you know they made things happen.”

His wife Nicky said she’s guarding his health and is beginning to recover from the stress herself.

“I’m actually sleeping now. Those 10 days took a lot out of me,” Nicky said.

Both Nicky and Jeff said they feel fortunate to be on the road to recovery. They know others have not been so fortunate.

Those at the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office who work with Jeff were among those at the hospital who held a vigil and prayed.

“And we kind of camped out outside the hospital just to show some support,” said Harvey County Undersheriff Shawn Chapman. “He’s got a smile and a very contagious laugh and he’s a guy that just dominates the room. He’s a giant man and without him being here it’s really impacted us.”

Jeff may be able to go back to performing light duties soon at work. But the journey has been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting.

“Look, we are fortunate. We know some are not able to make it,” Nicky said. “And we could not have made it through this without the love and support of our people.”