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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — It was not the plan she supported, but Wednesday Governor Laura Kelly will sign a food sales tax bill that phases in a reduction in the grocery sales tax.

Kelly and democratic leaders wanted the sales tax eliminated completely.

Shoppers said regardless they’re happy even a little help is on the way.

“Everything goes up but our pay,” shopper Brandy Stimec said.

From prices rising for gas to groceries and even airfare, it’s been a rough few months for people financially.

“My grocery bill has doubled in the last six months,” Stimec said.

But help is on the way.

Starting in January, people who shop in Kansas can get more at the grocery store beecause of the new bill.

Axe the Food Tax will gradually eliminate Kansas’ 6.5% sales tax on groceries by January 2025.

“It’ll help out the cost of living when you shop for groceries and things and so forth,” shopper John Mobley said. “It’ll help the household as a hold.”

“A lot of families are struggling right now just based off food,” Stimec said. “Food is something that we shouldn’t have to struggle for in my opinion.”

The food sales tax will drop to 4% then drop to 2% in 2024, and to zero in 2025.